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The reciprocal http s link back to the copied address will be opened in the default application typically a web browser. The Hook display language is currently only English.

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Some apps cannot yet be controlled by Hook if the macOS display language is not English. We intend to support other languages. See Hook Integration , and Contacting developers of other apps to request scripting support. News readers and some information managers work differently. When accessing web addresses, typically macOS invokes a web browser.

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What Mac Apps Work with Hook? Integration with Microsoft Office requires Office Its book documents and library are not yet compatible with Hook.

So Hook uses its not entirely reliable x-callback-url, so your mileage may vary. See this post.

It might be possible with a plugin, however. It doesn't disappoint. Browse through the hundreds of articles in your library with the flick of a finger, lookup the papers written by a certain author or published in that well-known journal, organize your library in collections and add your rating or flag great works.

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Papers comes with a stunning PDF viewer built-in, especially on the iPad you never want to deal with normal print-outs anymore: jump between pages, follow hyperlinks, highlight text and create notes on your PDFs simply with a touch of your finger! Papers of course synchronizes wirelessly with Papers on your Mac.


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But it also works great as a stand-alone application as it lets you download PDFs straight from the publishers onto your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or import articles from your Dropbox. You can also add PDFs through iTunes or import them from an email or website. Did you annotate a PDF in another app? No problem, Papers will import notes and highlights and display them on your iPad, too.

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But what if you forgot to add that one paper? Or you want to check out what's new this week? Search the world's largest repositories, visit the publisher's websites and even download new PDFs to your library and start reading straight away, it's that simple.


And you can even wirelessly exchange articles with other Papers for iOS users as well, or send an email to your friends and colleagues to tell them about your new findings and ideas. Visit our web site for a screencast to find out more! Use of built-in search engines and web browser functionality requires an active internet connection.

Some search engines may require an institutional subscription.